Using Bona NordicSeal to Create a Whitewashed Hardwood Floor

Bona NordicSeal is a newly released water-based sealer. You can use it to achieve the whitewashed look, which is popular right now. This two-toned look is great for kitchens, beach houses, and anywhere else you would like to achieve a light, airy feel. 

NordicSeal helps to reduce any reactions with tannins. It also helps with side bonding, has good penetration, and allows you to build your top coats with integrity. It seals the wood while pigmenting it, and allows the top coats to sit nicely on top.

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It’s Important to keep a wet edge when applying NordicSeal––use a roller or t-bar. It only takes about two to three hours to dry.

Stop/start marks and turn marks will show because of the pigmentation in the sealer, so make sure to feather them out.

You’ll want to put down two coats of Bona NordicSeal. For the second coat, follow the same process as the first. Click here to buy Bona NordicSeal.

Using Bona NordicSeal to Create a Whitewashed Hardwood Floor | City Floor Supply

Then, quickly buff down the coats to remove any grain raise––make sure not to remove too much of the pigmentation from the sealer.

You just want to get it smooth and ready for a top coat and then apply your water-based finish as normal.

NordicSeal is GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air Quality––it’s a great alternative to other options for whitewashing floors, like bleach.

If you’re looking to create a whitewashed look in your hardwood floors, look no further than Bona NordicSeal to help you start the project off right.

Click here to buy Bona NordicSeal.

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14 thoughts on “Using Bona NordicSeal to Create a Whitewashed Hardwood Floor

    1. Efrain

      I have applied two coats on my red oak floors of the Nordic Seal.. I would still like to see it a little more white. Is it ok to apply a third coat? will I see a difference?
      Or should I buff and then apply the seal again for the third time before applying Bona traffic Naturale.
      Help! I start tomorow

      1. City Floor Supply Post author

        This is a snippet from the tech data sheet on Nordic Seal: THE BONA Nordic Seal™ SYSTEM: Apply 1-2 coats of Bona Nordic Seal and 2 coats of a Bona waterborne finish. I would stick with the two coats to avoid any issues with laps or streaking.

  1. Linda Toote

    Would like to know how the Nordic Seal works on Pine. Am installing some interior barn doors and would like that type of finish. Thanks.

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your question! Bona Nordic will work just fine on Pine. This is a floor finish so would be best to apply with the door flat as opposed to hung vertical when coating.

  2. Logan

    Does Bona Nordic Seal mimic unfinished oak better than Bona Natural Seal? I have noticed from pictures that Bona Natural Seal seems to impart a slight yellowing still.


    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi Logan,

      The Bona Natural Seal with Bona Traffic Naturale will be the best for an “unfinished oak” appearance.

  3. Ross

    Wondering how to ‘laquer’ the floor after treating with Nordic Tone, whilst maintaining whitewash effect … Would Bona Craft Oil Frost do the job? Thanks!

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi Ross,

      I believe Nordic tone is a product available in Europe. I would not have an answer currently. Best to call Bona Kemi for that advice.

  4. Carmen

    Hello. I have Brazilian cherry solid wood floors. I would like to get a white washed look. I’m looking to remove the red. What procedure/#of coats/sealer do you recommend? I was thinking 2 coats (or 3?) of Nordic desks plus 2 coats of bona HD? Thoughts? Thx!

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi Carmen,

      To be honest I do not know of a product that could hide the red that naturally occurs in Bz. Cherry. If Using Nordic seal, I believe the red will work its way through the finishes.

      Joe Glavin


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