Using the Lagler Flip Edger to Sand Hard to Reach Places

The Lagler Flip is a great edger to have on hand for hard-to-reach places such as toe-kicks, closets, and other situations. 

Winning features

This style of plastic is “bulletproof” plastic. You can drop it and it won’t break. This material also makes the unit fairly lightweight. 

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This machine has a built-in magnetic switch, which is a nice safety feature which means that if you pop a breaker, when you go to reset it, the machine will remain turned off. 

It’s very quiet for an edger due in part to the fact that it’s belt driven.

Its adjustable wheels are easy to change so you can easily adjust the way that the machine is cutting. 

And, above all, it’s great at getting into tight spaces.

What makes the Lagler Flip so effective at getting into tough spots? 

This has a 150 mm pad and can run with either hook and loop paper or bolt-on paper.

Lagler Flip EdgerThis machine offers the best dust pickup for an edger that we have, even without any kind of vacuum assist, with just the dust bag. 

You can rotate the dust bag to get it out of the way when you’re up against the wall, in a closet, or in any other tight spaces. You can also easily remove the dust bag to hook up a vacuum instead. 

Comes with a long nose and short nose attachment. The short attachment length is 6-1/8″ (155mm) and long attachment – length 12-3/8″ (315mm).

The unit comes with every tool you need to change the nose, and they’re very easy to swap out.

The long nose will enable you get under radiators, toekicks, and other spots that are tough to reach. Use the short nose attachment for more standard edging jobs.

A corner attachment/nose is also available for separate purchase. This is a 3-½” wide attachment that can really help you get into tight spots and corners.

The Lagler Flip is the perfect machine to sand toe kicks, steps, radiators, closets, parquet or multidirectional wood flooring.

It’s also a good edger for someone who is just learning because it’s not very aggressive. As a finesse edger, it’s great for situations where you don’t want a ton of stock removal. This also makes it a great machine for use on parquet flooring. 

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