The New Generation of DCS: The AVAC-26 and Bona 2.0 DCS

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Dust is one of the biggest nuisances when it comes finishing hardwood floors. Whether the dust is coming from your sander, edger, or both, you want to make sure that it gets captured so that it doesn’t end up ruining your finish. The American Sanders AVAC-26 and Bona 2.0 DCS are both great choices and represent a new generation of dust containment systems available to wood floor contractors. 

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The Bona 2.0 DCS is a newly updated version of the original machine. The Bona 2.0 DCS has a powerful two-stage cyclonic filtration system, allowing the vac to capture both large and fine particles. Large particles get collected in the cone filter and the fine particles get collected in the Bona Portable DCS Vac 2.0HEPA filter. An upgraded 18-gallon drum capacity provides you with extended cleaning time. The machine is easy to open up and access all of the components inside to empty the bag and change the filters when necessary. A helpful gauge on the outside of the machine tells you how well the HEPA filters are operating––a red light will indicate that it’s time to change them. The Bona 2.0 DCS fits any Bona machine, including edgers and sanders such as the Bona Belt HD and the Bona Edge.

The American Sanders AVAC-26 is fitted with a powerful metal body, filtration inside as well as exit filtration, three motors, and a 26-gallon container. If your dust output is strong, this machine can handle it. YouAmerican Sanders AVAC-26 Vacuum can run two units off of this at the same time. The American Sanders AVAC-26 vacuum is a rugged, portable extractor that provides 72″ of water lift and a 2″ diameter suction hose that fits any Clarke American sander or edger including the Floorcrafter and the Super 7R. The intake elbows can move any way you need them to in order to follow the hose. It comes with everything you need to run the machine effectively, including reusable dust bags. To clean the dust bag, just transfer the contents to a disposable garbage bag and blow it out.

These DCS units that are out today are substantially more powerful than the machines that were available just five to ten years ago. Effective dust collection is essential for finishing and installing hardwood floors. Click here to read more about the importance of reducing dust while installing and refinishing hardwood floors. 

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