Using the Oneida Dust Deputy to Preserve the Power and Life of Your Vacuum

Tired of your tank or shop vac losing suction power or getting clogged on the job? The Oneida Dust Deputy is your solution.

Dust control is an important element of any successful hardwood floor installation, so you have to ensure that your dust collection setup remains effective at all times. If not, you risk a number of finish problems showing up once your job is done.

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The Dust Deputy is a separator that attaches to your tank or shop vac in order to keep the suction power strong while also preserving the life of the vacuum over time.

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The Dust Deputy preserves your suction power and keeps your filters clean

Most of the time, when you use a wet/dry tank vac or shop vac with your sander, the filters get clogged, forcing you to stop what you’re doing to empty them out or change them.

Over 99% of the dust and debris created by your sander is separated and collected in the Dust Deputy’s easy-to-empty drum. This saves you a significant amount of time clearing out your vacuum’s filters. Click here to purchase the Oneida Dust Deputy.

Since the vast majority of the dust and debris is filtered out by the Dust Deputy, the suction power of your vacuum will remain powerful throughout the job.

Extend the life of your vacuum with the Dust Deputy

Oneida Dust Deputy for Festool Vacuums

Even if you run your vacuums with bags, a bit of dust gets into the motor every time you use it. This will eventually wear the motor down. When you run your unit with the Dust Deputy, your vacuum’s tank bags will stay empty and the motor will stay clean and dust-free.

You can truly preserve and extend the life of your vacuum with the Dust Deputy.

Save big on the Oneida Dust Deputy

The Dust Deputy can be adapted for use with any wet/dry tank vacuum or any shop vacuum. The model in particular that we used in the video is compatible with Festool vacuums.

The Dust Deputy has a non-static construction throughout. This prevents your vacuum from being damaged by a static charge.

This unit does its job with low decibel levels and operates at 110 volts.

Rent or purchase the Oneida Dust Deputy for Festool CT dust extractors here. For more information on the Cobra/Vortex DCS, click here.

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