Vermont Natural Coatings EasyWhey Live Demo

The following video was recorded through Facebook Live on October 5, 2017. We conduct a Facebook Live session like this every two weeks, with the end goal of showing you how different products actually work out in the field. Like us on Facebook to get notified of when we are going live again, and be sure to let us know in the comments what you’d like to see us cover in our next live video!

In this Facebook Live video, we demonstrated the application of Vermont Natural Coatings EasyWhey to a wood panel in the City Floor Supply warehouse!

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Vermont Natural Coatings’ Easy Whey bonding coat solution really lives up to its name. This product provides a fast, easy and effective solution to recoat site-finished and pre-finished hardwood floors to look new again.

This is a trustworthy VOC-free product you can use to easily refinish a hardwood floor to give it new life.

Why use EasyWhey?

Here are just a few reasons:

Easy application – save time and money

EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat bonds to the existing floor surface. No odor, an easy application, and short dry times combine for simple recoating application and a refreshed finish.

For most residential applications apply one coat of EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat or up to four coats of EasyWhey Floor Color then top-coat with one or two coats of PolyWhey 2500 Floor Finish, PolyWhey 3500 Floor Finish or PolyWhey MVP Floor Finish.

No odor, easy application and short dry times combine for simple recoating application and a refreshed finish.

Quick drying time of only 1.5-2 hours to recoat allows multiple coats of color to be built up quickly and top-coated the same day, saving you time and money.

Wide range of compatibility (including prefinished hardwood floors)

Compatibility: EasyWhey Floor Color and EasyWhey Clear Bonding Coat will adhere to most site-finished and pre-finished flooring with proper surface preparation. Wood species can affect color depth and finish results.

Of course, your best bet to ensure compatibility within your finish system is to prepare a sample board or test area in order to confirm that the end result is what you and your clients are looking for.

Vermont Natural Coatings EasyWhey Floor Color and Clear Bonding Coat provide fast, easy and effective solutions for recoating and transforming the color of site-finished and prefinished hardwood floors. EasyWhey bonds to the existing floor surface allowing it to be top-coated with Norton Vermont Natural Coatings PolyWhey 2500, PolyWhey 3500 or PolyWhey MVP.

Click here to read more about the PolyWhey system.

Refresh the appearance of the floors with different color possibilities

EasyWhey is available in clear and six colors to renew or change the color of site finished and pre-finished flooring. EasyWhey is available in clear, White Washed, Walnut, Ebony, Oak, Cherry, Gray.

Combined with the natural appearance of the wood, the possibilities with EasyWhey are endless!

If you’d like to learn more about EasyWhey, click here, call us at (800) 737-1786, or email

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