What are the Features and Benefits of the Lagler Elan Edger?

The Elan edger is another great hardwood flooring machine offered by Lagler made with high performance German engineering.

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The main feature of the Elan edger is its low profile. The low profile makes it great for use under radiators, cabinets, stair treads, or other hard to reach spots. As it is a 6″ (150mm) disc, the sanding plate is very close to the nose of the machine allowing for great penetration into corners leaving little floor to hand scrape.

This edger also has an attachment for a dust collection bag unlike similar floor edgers with low profiles. As you know, proper dust containment greatly increases the quality of sanding jobs. Dust will not get in the gears of a machine, as it has a belt driven pad. This also reduces the noise level of the unit. It is also possible to attach a hose to the unit with the right adapters.

Abrasives attach onto the edger’s six inch disc via velcro. However, if you’d like to bolt on the paper there is the option to do so. There are felt pads to use if you’d like to bolt on the paper so the pad will have better backing for the standard abrasive paper. All these abrasive options, combined with the low profile, mean the Elan is a great choice for many different edging needs.

Due to the lightness of the Elan edger, it is a perfect choice if needed for sanding stairs. Unlike other hardwood floor edgers, the Elan is light enough that you won’t have to worry about controlling a heavy edger on a stair tread.

Other features include independent, tool-less adjustable caster wheels and a  magnetic safety switch that resets to the “off” position if the edger trips a breaker.

If you’d like to order a Lagler Elan edger you can call us at City Floor Supply at (800) 737-1786 or click here. To see the Elan edger in action check out our YouTube video here.

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