What Makes Norton Red Heat Discs so Effective?

Norton Red Heat sanding screens

Norton Red Heat abrasives deliver one of the cleanest scratch patterns in the industry. They make them available in edger discs as well! Use the discs in conjunction with belts or rolls on your big machine to get the smoothest floor possible when prepping your subfloor even in hard-to-reach spots that only your edger can get to.

You can use red heat with harder wood species like hickory to save the amount of abrasive you actually use, in turn saving time and money. Red Heat can even remove ultraviolet-cured finishes on prefinished floors.

What makes Red Heat so effective?

There’s a lot that goes into an abrasive like this, but perhaps the most important feature is that Red Heat is made of 100% patented SG ceramic grain. This guarantees optimum resistance to wear with super sharp cutting capabilities that defy premature dulling. The discs’ X-weight polyester cloth backing is extremely flexible and shock absorbent.

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This means that you can stop spending so much time changing over your discs and simply get to the task at hand with as little fuss as possible. Red Heat lets you work smarter, not harder! Make sure you have the whole lineup on hand, from belts to rolls. Click here to browse our selection of Red Heat abrasives.

Types of Norton Red Heat discs available

There are many sizes of Norton Red Heat discs available to fit a variety of edgers, including 7 x 7/8 and 8”, and they’re available with holes or no holes to fit a variety of edger models. Red Heat discs are also available in grits from 24 up to 120 so you can select the exact amount of aggression you need and make multiple passes with your edger. Browse our full selection of Red Heat discs here

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