Why the Bona Portable DCS Vacuum is Ideal for Hardwood Floor Installations

At City Floor Supply we are often asked to give our opinion on the best. “What’s the best big machine for hardwood floors?” “What’s the best flooring finish system?” “What’s the best nailer to use on hardwood floor installations?”

When it comes to vacuums one of the best is the Bona Portable DCS (check out the newer Bona Portable DCS 2.0!). It is a leading vacuum in the hardwood flooring industry because of its portability, innovative filter system, and power.

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The Portable DCS comes affixed on a dolly with large, non-marking wheels. There is a locking mechanism for the wheels so the unit can be placed in a stationary manner. The entire vacuum unit weighs less than 100 pounds. The low weight combined and reasonable height means this is a truly portable machine.

This vacuum was created with a two-stage filtration system that offers some of the best results of any commercial vacuum. The first filter is a large conical filter. This cone filter is a breeze to clean. The first step is to block the vacuum intake. Once that is done you can depress a lever on top of the machine to clear out the coarsest of the material in the machine, allowing it to fall into the collection bag. Once that is done you can unlatch the top portion of the DCS to extract the cone filter and blow it off.

The second part of the filtration system is a pleated HEPA filter. This is a hospital grade HEPA filter that delivers incredible performance. Replacing the HEPA filter is a breeze as well. Just unscrew two nuts, lift the lid, and pull out the HEPA filter.

In addition to the innovation of the filtration system, Bona has also innovated the bags used in this vacuum. The Portable DCS uses a Longopac system of bags. The Longopac bags come in a drum. Each “bag” is actually a 65ft long tube of plastic. When using the Portable DCS, flooring mechanics can tie off the top of the bag, cut it, and then tie off the remainder of the bag. The bag is then pulled down to create a new bag for use with the vacuum.

Bona has packed a lot of power into the Portable DCS. Its motor creates a suction of 140 CFM.  The motor is powerful enough to run a big machine, edger, or multiple buffers. The vacuum hose port can handle up to a 50ft hose that is 1 1/2 in diameter.

The Bona Portable DCS lives up to its name. It is a truly portable and powerful machine that will help your hardwood floor installations.

To order a Bona Portable DCS call City Floor Supply at (800) 737-1786 or click here.

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