Why the Primatech P250-ALG is perfect for installing sports flooring

Primatech P250 ALG - What makes it perfect for installing sports floors?

Designed specifically with gym floor contractors in mind, the Primatech P250 ALG pneumatic nailer provides a comfortable user experience like no other nailer on the market. It boasts several features that make installing a large square footage of floors so much easier.

This is the perfect tool for installing gym and sports floors. Here’s why:

· The P250 ALG handle rotates and is fully adjustable so you can operate the tool from a comfortable position.

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· The version of the P250 ALG that we stock comes with the PrimSurfer shoe add-on kit, which features non-marking rollers. This shoe allows you to glide the tool effortlessly along the edges of the floorboards as you fasten them, so you don’t have to slow down to move your nailer from one spot to another.

· The P250 ALG features a quick-loading, compact channel that holds multiple sleeves of cleats or staples at once, so reloading is easier and you don’t have to do it as frequently.

· The nailer base is adjustable. You can use the ALG to install prefinished or solid floors 3/4″ to 33/32” thick.

· The ALG’s loading channel is close to the wall, compact, and simple to to load.

· The P250 ALG’s PrimPac Engine can be actuated by hitting it anywhere on the rubber cap. You therefore have to expend less energy because you don’t have to hit the head right in the center.

· The CFM consumption for the P250 ALG is low, keeping your compressor from having to cycle for extended periods of time

This is truly a unique nailer, and an important one to have in your arsenal for any projects that involve a large square footage. If you’re interested in more information, check out our YouTube video about this product.

With the Primatech P250 ALG on your side, your back and knees will thank you, and you’ll be able to complete even the biggest jobs much quicker.

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