Wood Floor Coloring Part 2: WOCA Antique Lye and Rubio Smoke

In this video, Joe demonstrates WOCA Antique Lye and Rubio Smoke on live sawn white oak and European oak planks. He applies the two formulas side-by-side on the same planks so you can take a look at the different effects achieved by each one.

Take a look at the rich colors produced by these solvents without staining!

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Check out Part 1 of this series here, in which Joe applies iron acetate and Rubio Fumed to these wood planks.

Watch as these two different solvents pull the tannins right out of the oak and help you achieve distinct colors in the wood. These solvents react directly to the amount of tannic acid present in the wood and provide different appearances accordingly.

Applying WOCA Antique Lye

He first demonstrates WOCA Antique Lye, which gives the wood a smoked appearance that is distinct from the effect you can achieve with Rubio Smoke.

You can dilute the Antique Lye formula if you would like to change the concentration and thereby the final appearance of the wood.

Applying Rubio Smoke

Then Joe demonstrates the application of Rubio’s Smoke pretreatment, which gives you a similarly smoky effect which is distinct from the effect achieved with Antique Lye.

Rubio Monocoat Smoke has been especially developed to provide an ammonia-smoked aspect to oak. The Monocoat formula actually ages the wood, and allowing you to create very unique effects since the darkness of the aging depends on the amount of tannin present in the wood.

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