Why are Matte Wood Floor Finishes So Popular?

Matte Finish for a Wood Floor

Matte wood floor finishes are on trend right now, and for good reason! Some reasons why matte finishes are gaining popularity include:

A Trend that Complements Other Trends

This helps the natural character of the wood come through, rather than with glossier finishes where the sheen doesn’t let you see what the wood truly looks like underneath, thus going hand-in-hand with the trend towards more rustic floors and wider planks.

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Less Dust, Less Damage

A matte finish will typically show less dust and damage than a glossier finish. The damage and dust will still be there, of course, but it won’t stick out as much as it would against a glossier finish. 

Less of a Need to Refinish

Going hand in hand with the last point, the fact that it shows less damage means that when compared to a floor with a glossy finish, there’s less of a need to completely refinish over time as the floor gets older. If a natural/European style oil finish is applied to the floor, oftentimes you just need to re-apply the product in any areas that are damaged. 

The fact that the floors need to be refinished less often is also because the floors will show less scuff marks and overall damage than floors with a gloss or semigloss finish. Homeowners love this feature of matte wood floors because it means less maintenance for them. It also means less callbacks for you when applied correctly.

Emulates the European Style

This style of finish has been on trend in Europe for much longer, thus two of the leading manufacturers of matte, natural oil finishes which we recommend, Bona and WOCA, are based in Europe.

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