Lagler/Loba Training Overview

On May 15 and 16, 2019, we hosted a Lagler/Loba training event at our King of Prussia, PA headquarters for hardwood floor contractors to learn about techniques and how to use various products from both companies to create beautifully finished hardwood floors. Course participants worked to finish the misdirection wood panels created during last month’s NWFA Advanced Installation Course.

Marc Schulz, Vice President of Lagler North America, was present to demonstrate the Lagler machines and proper sanding techniques, as well as machine maintenance tips. Tom Zagula, Loba sales representative for the Northern U.S. demonstrated Loba products and finishing techniques.

Participants got to work directly with the Loba products, learn application techniques, and also had the opportunity to work hands-on with Lagler machines like the Trio, Hummel, and the Flip edger.  

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Three multidirection wood panels were finished. These were some of the Loba products which were used to finish the panels: 2K ImpactOil Color, Stain, Hardener, 2K Supra A.T. finish, 2K InvisibleProtect, Hybrid Semi-Gloss Finish. You can see the results below, which truly speak for themselves. Several red oak panels were stained and finished as well.

The main advantage of Loba waterbased stains is that they can be easily changed instead of having to re-sand the floor and re-staining and refinishing.

The Lagler Trio was used to sand most of the panels because of the fact that this was misdirectional wood, which the Trio can handle with ease.

We are now stocking certain Loba products and we are excited about this partnership because, as we saw during the training, these are high-quality products and we want to make it easier for contractors to access any and all products that will help them excel at their craft. Click here to view the Loba finishes we have in stock.

We also had a demonstration of the Lagler Single buffer, which was a new experience for us. You can see it in action in our live video below.

What the participants got out of the training

Alex Smith of Alex Smith Hardwood Flooring said, “I learned a lot of things. I don’t typically sign up for these seminars. Immediately we walked in and we learned about different grits of sandpaper, and also how to remove an old finish versus the newer aluminum oxide finishes.”

“I’ve been in the business since 2005. Some of the basic, simple things I think I kind of forget, as far as maintaining your machines, I always blew off the dust on my machines and apparently you’re supposed to vacuum them….it’s a good refresher to know that you can change a few things to get better,” said Mike Henning of Hennings Hardwood Floors.

Edward Lawrence of Atlantic Flooring, LLC said, “I’ve learned to remember all of the things that go into staining floors and sealing floors and finishing floors. There’s so much stuff out there to use with all the additives and all the different things that they have. I’m trying to learn different ways to simplify that, to find one thing that works to stick with. I’m impressed with the one-coat applications. ”

“The facility here is actually really outstanding, you have the space for it with the machine shop…The people really make a space, the openness and the willingness to help out in any situation….To have the amount of space like this to be able to work and not be stuck on just one or two little panels is really critical for us,” said Loba sales representative and instructor Tom Zagula.

It was great to have these instructors share their knowledge and the time to help contractors improve their craft. The next Lagler training event will take place in October 2019. Stay tuned on the homepage of our website for updates.

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