Why We Aren’t the Always the Cheapest Hardwood Floor Distributor

As a hardwood floor distributor, we are sometimes asked why our prices aren’t always among the cheapest compared to some of the big box stores. Simply put, we believe that our products and buying experience give you much more value in the long run. 

Here are some of the reasons why we aren’t always the cheapest distributor of hardwood floors. 

Why buying a cheap hardwood floor could cost you in the long run

While I’m sure you can find a distributor that charges less for commodity hardwood flooring, we charge a fair price because we have taken the time to select the highest quality products available on the market, which we believe is worth the slight extra cost. There are many factors involved that are often overlooked in the production of cheap hardwood flooring. 

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Mismilling, shorts, and crooked, bowed, or cupped floors are just some of the issues you can run up against when installing cheaper hardwood flooring. Make sure you’re leaving your customers satisfied and preventing callbacks by investing in a quality product from the start. 

The problems you could possibly run into when purchasing a cheap floor could cost you just as much down the road with repairs and replacements than if you had purchased a high quality floor in the first place. 

The issue with hardwood floors manufactured overseas

There are some notable issues with floors manufactured overseas, particularly laminate flooring meant to look like hardwood floors. Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, was found at dangerously high levels in some of this flooring imported from overseas several years ago, causing catastrophic recalls and widespread consumer upset across the United States.  

This is because overseas manufacturing standards differ widely from American manufacturing standards. Simply put, purchasing wood floors made from North American timber and manufactured here is a safer bet.  

We have experts and installers on our team

When you purchase products from City Floor Supply, we don’t leave you hanging after the sale. We have wood flooring experts and installers on our team who are available to help you if you have any questions once you get to the jobsite to install the flooring. This goes for any hardwood flooring equipment that we sell you as well. 

When you purchase flooring from us, you’re getting our expertise along with the products. 

You’re getting a high quality product that will stand the test of time, which has been installed by those who have walked in your shoes before. You’re getting friendly faces on the other end of the phone when you contact us. We can even walk you step-by-step over the phone through any problems you may be experiencing on the jobsite.  

In conclusion…

By choosing cheaper wood floors, you may be sacrificing quality for a lower price. We work to ensure that you’re giving your clients a high quality product by vetting all of the products that we sell and offering service that extends past the point of sale. We may not be the cheapest distributor, but there’s good reason for it! 

Browse our selection of hardwood floors from manufacturers including Aacer, Provincial, Stoehr, and more. 

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