Hardwood Floor Installation

6 Reasons Why the ProTeam MegaVac is an Asset to Sports Floor Contractors

Oct 21, 2014 - Posted in Hardwood Floor Installation, Machines and Equipment
ProTeam Megavac | Backpack Vacuum | City Floor Supply

When it comes to controlling the dust output in your workspace while installing or refinishing a hardwood floor, you’ve got to get serious. Uncontained dust in the workspace can pose a threat to […]

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3M Regalite Sanding Belts: Durable and Effective

Oct 7, 2014 - Posted in Hardwood Floor Installation, Sanding and Refinishing

When you use 3M Regalite sanding belts for your hardwood floor installation project, you’re able to smooth the floor down to a completely uniform surface to get the hardwood floor finishing process off to […]

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